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We have moved
Our new facility is completed, and we have moved.

Our Facility

The socio-therapeutic facility Lindau is a facility in the field of in-patient addiction therapy specializing on substance related addictive disorders and dual diagnoses for clients suffering from chronic addiction.

Our facility has 26 single apartments distributed over four bungalows with access to internet, telephone and access to its own patio with garden area.  Each bungalow has therapy rooms as well as a big shared kitchen.  An exercise room, a media room as well as a dining room with access to a patio is available to the clients.  Furthermore, there are two administration buildings with two workshops, a park inside the residential complex as well as a greenhouse.


Therapeutic goals

Basis of the therapeutic goals of the socio-therapeutic facility Lindau is the solution- and process-oriented perception of the addictive disorder as the complex of problems.

eSTEvia e.V.

The members of the eSTEvia e.V. are committed to working as a non-profit organization for the citizens.  Since 2021 we have provided the local Kindergarten with healthy meals.  Some pupils and private individuals who are delivered the meals by the senior citizens’ home assistance service have joined the service.  This offer may of course be expanded.


Am Hopfengarten 2, 92539 Schönsee


Phone: 09674 913228
Fax: 09674 913238

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