Our Facility

The STE Lindau is located at the outskirts of the small town of Schönsee in the Upper Palatinate and consists of a residential complex of a total of seven buildings, two administration buildings which also accommodate the workshops, four patient residential groups (28 accommodations) and one external residential group (eight accommodations).  All of them are handicapped accessible and built as bungalows.  The ambulant assisted living (AuW) and the affiliated incorporated society eSTEvia e.V. supplement the offer.

  • 28 single apartments distributed over four bungalows with access to internet, telephone and access to its own patio with garden area
  • each bungalow has a therapy room
  • big shared kitchen
  • several therapy rooms
  • exercise room
  • big media room
  • dining room with access to patio
  • two administration buildings
  • park inside the residential complex
  • greenhouse

Indication for Admission

  • substance related addictive disorder
  • dual diagnoses: chronic addicts with additional mental disorder
  • Patients enrolled in a substitution program

Contra Indication

  • acute addictive substance intoxication
  • acute psychosis
  • acute suicide risk
  • acute risk of harm to oneself and others
  • severe care dependency
  • massive physical disability
  • distinct impaired mobility
  • acute appearance of the clinical picture

Our Staff

We offer you a professional, interdisciplinary team of

  • certified psychologist
  • pedagogue
  • social pedagogues
  • occupational therapist
  • healthcare support worker
  • educator
  • medical personnel
  • administrative personnel
  • cook
  • certified housekeeper
  • housekeeping personnel
  • music therapist
  • Qigong instructor
  • educator
  • evolutionary pedagogues
  • wilderness and adventure pedagogues
  • cooperation with general practitioners and specialists on a consulting basis
  • custodian

Therapeutic measures

In our socio-therapeutic facility we focus on the holistic therapy of our clients.  We use available resources and encourage recreational activities as well as a structured course of the day.  The occupational therapy as well as the housekeeping and kitchen area is crucial.  We support the reintegration back into work life by internships in-house.  Active participation in the therapy process and group rules are important to us.  Our measures aim at the client to regain independence and social integration by maintaining contacts.  Group discussions take place on a regular basis and various therapy methods such as psychology, experience-based training, stress relief practice, music, exercises, theater work, cognitive training and more.  It is our goal to offer empathic and professional assistance for a fulfilled life.

Young archer training with the  bow

Since the focus is on the individual personality structure and the disorder of each individual client, there is no standard proceeding, however, an individual adaption of the measures.

The psychotherapeutic treatment measures arise from the treatment goals and are guided by the treatment plan developed for each individual client.  Our spectrum of treatment comprises:

  • Work and occupational therapy (woodwork, metal, natural materials among other things)
  • One-on-one conversations
  • Client assembly
  • Discussion group
  • Therapeutical cooking
  • Mobilization group
  • Stress relief group
  • Meditation group
  • Evolutionary pedagogical offer
  • Offer for music therapy 
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • Qi Gong
  • Archery
  • Gymnastics
  • Reiki
  • Brain power training
  • Theater work, improvisational theater
  • Adventure pedagogy /wilderness pedagogy (hiking, trekking tours, climbing)
  • Individual organization of leisure time (optional trips etc.)
  • Miscellaneous sports facilities
  • Medical care (is ensured by qualified, medical professional staff, general practitioner, specialist for neurology and psychiatry as well as all other medical consultants)
Man and woman doing Tai Chi chuan at sunset on the beach.  solo


Admission takes place after an interview which also gives you the opportunity to get to know us and our house in person.  If requested, the contacting may also take place at the client’s home.  An admission is only possible after a prior detoxication.   Furthermore, we require a commitment for cost takeover by the funder (regional social benefit funder), a medical and social report as well as a current medication plan.  In case of an existing guardianship, the guardian’s declaration of consent is required.

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